Thickener PTF

Thickener PTF

1. Composition: acrylic copolymer

Second, features
Appearance: Basically odorless, slightly yellow or milky white viscous liquid;
PH value: 1% aqueous solution PH value=6-7;
Ionicity: Anion;
Solid content: 62%±1%
Viscosity: 1.5% white pulp viscosity (urban tap water) above 9PPM
Stability: More than half a year

Three, use
Synthetic pigment printing thickener PTF is a high-efficiency thickener for the preparation of pigment printing pastes. It can be compatible with various adhesives. It is suitable for roller printing and round and flat screen printing. It can make the outline of the printed product clear, bright color, and color. The amount is high. The color paste is easy to prepare, has good stability, does not crust on the surface, and does not block the net during printing. The quality is equivalent to the synthetic thickener PTF produced by United Colloids. At the same time, it has obvious effects on reducing costs, saving energy, reducing environmental pollution and ensuring production safety.

Four. How to use
Water 70-80%
Adhesive 10-20%
PTP 1-1.8%
Paint X%
Remarks: Adding an appropriate amount (0.5%-1%) of 20% ammonia water has a better effect.