The first plant of BASF’s Zhanjiang integrated base was officially put into operation

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The new plant will produce 6milliontons of modified engineering plastics products per year to meet the needs of Chinese customers

Installation will100% userenewable energy

Promoting the construction of the core of Zhanjiang integrated base in an all-round way

Group photo of the guests in front of the smart warehouse of BASF Zhanjiang Integrated Base (first row from left to right)

Dr. Lou Jianfeng, Chairman and President of BASF Greater China

Dr. Welsh, President of BASF Asia Large Projects

Dr. Kelly, Member of the Executive Board of BASF

Lu Yan, Consul General of the German Consulate General in Guangzhou

Dr. Brummeller, Chairman of the Executive Board of BASF

Wang Weizhong, Deputy Secretary and Governor of Guangdong Provincial Committee

Zhang Hu, Member of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Executive Vice Governor

Chen Min, Member of the Party Group of the Guangdong Provincial Government, Secretary of the Party Group, and Director of the General Office

Liu Hongbing, Secretary of Zhanjiang Municipal Party Committee

Zeng Jinze, Deputy Secretary and Mayor of Zhanjiang Municipal Committee

On September 6, 2022, the first unit of BASF’s Zhanjiang integrated base was officially put into production. Since then, BASF will increase the annual production of modified engineering plastics for the Chinese market by 60,000 tons, and increase the total production capacity of this product in the Asia-Pacific region to 420,000 tons from 2023 to meet the growing needs of customers, especially in automotive and electronic products. and other industries.

Dr. Martin Brummeller, Chairman of the Executive Board of BASF Europe
Brudermüller said: “This is an exciting starting point. The official commissioning of the first plant is a good start for the follow-up construction of the base. After the completion of the Zhanjiang integrated base, it will become BASF’s third largest integrated production base in the world, serving China and even China. A global model for sustainable production.”

The first unit uses 100% renewable energy power, and BASF aims to provide 100% renewable energy power for the entire Zhanjiang integrated base by 2025.

Dr. Markus, Member of the Executive Board of BASF Europe, responsible for Asia Pacific
Kamieth) said: “The Zhanjiang integrated base will adopt cutting-edge digital technology and follow the highest safety standards of the group, and will be committed to introducing high-quality, low-carbon footprint products to the market and achieving business growth in southern China, which also reflects BASF’s commitment to A firm commitment to the Chinese market.”

The first set of BASF’s Zhanjiang integrated base will be built in 2020. In July 2022, BASF Europe made the final investment decision, announcing the comprehensive promotion of the construction of the Zhanjiang integrated base. This phase will focus on building the core of the integrated base, including a steam cracking unit and multiple downstream units, and is scheduled to start up by the end of 2025, thereby further supporting BASF’s continued business growth in China. The subsequent phase of the project will expand more downstream units to realize the production of diversified products, and it is planned to start operation in 2028.

The BASF Zhanjiang Integrated Base Project was officially announced in July 2018. It is the Group’s largest investment project to date and is independently constructed and operated by BASF. By 2030, BASF will invest up to 10 billion euros to build the site. Another plant to produce thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) will be operational in 2023.