On May 17, 2022, Wood Pulp Prices Ran Smoothly

  On May 17, the market price of softwood pulp was 7,320 RMB/ton, and the market price of hardwood pulp was 6,450 RMB/ton.

  Analysis review

  On May 17, the spot price of softwood pulp remained stable temporarily, and the price of pulp futures continued to fluctuate. On the disk, the opening price of the sp2209 contract was 7,302 RMB/ton, and the closing price was 7,330 RMB/ton, a daily increase of 0.55%.The turmoil in Chile has not yet had a major impact on pulp production, but it still takes time to restore supply normally, coupled with the rise in external quotations, all of which have supported pulp prices. However, the demand side is still weak, and the market start situation has not improved.

  Market outlook

  At present, the wait-and-see mood in the wood pulp market continues, and the high cost of upstream continues to reduce the profit of downstream papermaking. It is expected that the spot price of wood pulp in the short term will remain volatile.