On June 2, 2022, the Price of Wood Pulp Stopped Falling and Rebounded

  On June 2, 2022, the market price of softwood pulp was 7,180 RMB/ton, and the market price of hardwood pulp was 6,670 RMB/ton.

  Analysis review

  On June 2, the spot price of softwood pulp rose along with the market, and the price of pulp futures rebounded sharply. On the disk, the opening price of the sp2209 contract was 7,050 RMB/ton, and the closing price was 7,248 RMB/ton, a daily increase of 3.66%.

  In terms of supply, the international pulp market had not been in short supply recently, and the market had digested the previous news, which still supported the wood pulp market. In terms of demand, the previous reduction in wood pulp prices eased the pressure of high downstream costs, and purchases continued to be based on rigid demand. With the arrival of holidays, pulp futures prices rose sharply, but the market was still in a wait-and-see state.

  Market outlook

  With the rebound of pulp futures prices, the spot price of wood pulp is mainly adjusted to follow. It is expected that the spot price of wood pulp will continue to be strong in the short term.