High Quality BDMA / 103-83-3 / Benzyldimethylamine / N,N-dimthylbenzylamine


Molecular formula: C9H13N;

Relative molecular mass: 135.20;

CAS number: 103-83-3;

Colorless to slightly yellow transparent liquid, soluble in ethanol, soluble in hot water, slightly soluble in cold water;

Purity ≥99%;

Moisture ≤ 0.5%;

Viscosity (25 ° C): 90 mPa.s;

Density (25 ° C): 0.897 g / cm 3;

Freezing point: -75 ° C;

Boiling range: 178-184 ° C;

Refractive index (25 ° C): 1.5011;

Flash point (TCC): 54 ° C;

Steam pressure (20 ° C): 200Pa

BDMA / 103-83-3 / Benzyldimethylamine / N,N-dimthylbenzylamine

One. The main use of BDMA

BDMA is a catalyst for polyester polyurethane block soft foam, polyurethane rigid foam, polyurethane sheet and adhesive coating in polyurethane industry. It is mainly used for hard foam, which can make polyurethane foam have good pre-flowability and uniform cells. Good adhesion between the foam and the substrate;

In the field of organic synthesis, BDMA is mainly used as a catalyst for synthesizing dehydrohalogen in organic drugs, a corrosion inhibitor, an acidic neutralizer, an accelerator for electron microscopy slicing, and the like;

BDMA is also used to synthesize quaternary ammonium salts to produce cationic surface active strong fungicides;

BDMA is mainly used to promote curing systems such as anhydrides, polyamides, and fatty amines, and accelerates product curing. It is widely used in epoxy resin electronic potting materials, encapsulating materials, epoxy floor coatings, and marine paints. Used as a curing accelerator;

Specific application examples of BDMA include: carbon fiber/single molecule epoxy resin matrix composite laminate, epoxy substrate electrophoretic coating, dry transformer potting;

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