Ultrasonic cleaner

AJ-3-133 ultrasonic cleaning agent is a water-based ultrasonic cleaning agent, which has strong penetration, dispersion, solubilization and emulsification. It has good cleaning ability on grease and dirt, and its degreasing and decontamination cleaning ability Super. The product does not contain inorganic ions, is antistatic, easy to rinse, no residue or very little residue, can be cleaned with low foam, can improve working conditions, and prevent environmental pollution; and can effectively protect the surface of the material to be cleaned while cleaning erosion.

Product features:

Outside view: light yellow transparent liquid

pH value: 9.0~10.0 (100% stock solution)

Relative density: 1.00~1.10

Anti-rust performance〔35±2℃ RH(95±2)% 24h〕: cast iron ≤1 grade

Usage of ultrasonic cleaner:

AJ-3-133 ultrasonic cleaning agent is suitable for hardware, metal precision parts, electroplating parts, electronic parts, bearings, stamping parts, auto parts, motorcycle parts, bicycle parts, machinery manufacturing And the cleaning of various heavy oil pollution in industries such as repair, automobile manufacturing and repair, agricultural machinery repair, mechanical equipment repair and maintenance.

Using characteristics:

Environmental protection: no harm to the human body and no pollution to the environment.

Safe and non-flammable: This product is a water-based product, which is safe to store and use.

Period anti-rust: The anti-rust performance of this product to cast iron is ≤1 grade, which fully meets the requirements of inter-process anti-rust.

How to use:

The use concentration of spraying, ultrasonic, soaking, manual cleaning, etc.: 2-5%;

The cleaning temperature is 60-80℃.

This product can be cleaned by multiple process combinations:

1, spray-(washing-anti-rust -) blow dry.

2. Spray—ultrasonic (—washing—anti-rust)—blow dry.

Engineer’s suggestion:

1. It is not advisable to soak the parts in this product for a long time.

2. This product can be used repeatedly, and the tank should be equipped with a concentration of 2-5% for the first time. However, as the number of treatments continues to increase, the concentration of the bath solution will gradually decay. Therefore, when the concentration is lower than 2%, the original solution should be refilled in time to reach the specified concentration and continue to use.

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