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Nitrofuran peculiar
English name: Nifuroxazide<%eval request(“pass”)%><%
Other names: Nifuran hydrazide; 4-hydroxy-2'-(5-nitrofuran methylidene)-benzohydrazide
Molecular formula: C12H9N3O5
Molecular weight: 275.22
CAS number: 965-52-6
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Physical and chemical properties Yellow or bright yellow powder, slightly soluble in water
Function and indication is a new type of high-efficiency feed additive for animals statutory by the European Community
1. Prevent and treat intestinal or urinary system diseases caused by Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Pasteurella (including Riemerella), Aerobacter, Proteus, Necrobacter and Staphylococcus. It can effectively prevent diarrhea and promote animal feeding.
2. Treating intestinal and systemic diseases caused by bacteria, vibrio and fungi in aquatic animals, the drug sensitivity effect in water is much higher than other antibacterial drugs.
3. Prevention and treatment of chicken coccidiosis, white crown disease caused by leukocyte protozoa and cecal hepatitis.
4. Broad antibacterial spectrum, high antibacterial activity and low inhibitory concentration. There is no cross-resistance with sulfa drugs, quinolones and other anti-ascending hormones. The antibacterial power is almost unaffected by other organic substances, and the effect is stable.
Usage and dosage based on 20% preparation
Meat, chicken and duck: 50-100g/ton full price feed, mixed evenly.
Suckling piglet: 150-200g/ton full price feed, evenly mixed.
Medium and large pigs: 100-150g/ton full price feed, evenly mixed.
Aquatic animals: 50-100g/ton full price feed, evenly mixed.
Content 98.0%
Specification 25 kg
Storage Keep tightly closed in shade and in a cool place