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Super emulsifier raw material C13 isopropanolamide DF-21

C13 isopropyl Alcoholamide is a new environmentally friendly amide surfactant. Its body structure is similar to that of ethanolamide, but it shows completely different effects due to the difference in carbon chains. It does not contain a king phenol group, which is different from other similar products. It has outstanding performance in cleaning oily dirt, carbon particles, and black carbon. It exists as a mixed ion under the condition of PH value of 8-10, so it has excellent emulsification and detergency and wide adaptability, and the use scene is very broad.

Second, products Parameters:

Appearance: yellow Transparent viscous liquid

PH value: 8-9.5 (1% aqueous solution)

Content: 99 Soil 0.5 (%)

HLB value: 13.5-14

Foam: Medium Bubble

Three. Products Performance:

Excellent emulsification Performance, permeability, oil dispersibility and carbon black, carbon particle enveloping and peeling characteristics. It is environmentally friendly and does not contain royal phenolic functional groups: the use environment is odorless, non-irritating, and gentle to contact organs and skin: it is stable in wettability, permeability and foaming power: the product is improved due to the increase of molecular carbon chain Hard water resistance and calcium soap dispersibility: It has excellent compatibility properties and can be used in household and industrial cleaning agents, grinding, cosmetics, textile auxiliaries, and emulsifiers, lubricants, corrosion inhibitors, and thickeners in the petroleum industry. Wait.

Four. Packaging And storage and transportation:

Specifications: 200 Kg/barrel (plastic barrel).

Transport: press General chemical transportation.

Storage: Storage Store in a cool and dry place, avoid mixing with strong acid.

Shelf life: 12 months. To