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Stainless iron pickling passivation solution

This product belongs to a solution for cleaning metal materials, and relates to a composition for removing the oxide scale of stainless iron and passivating the surface of stainless iron.
In the production process of stainless steel wire, plate, and pipe, it must undergo high temperature heat treatment at 800-1100℃, and a very solid oxide scale (layer) will be formed on the surface after heat treatment.
This product overcomes the shortcomings in the prior art and provides a stainless iron pickling passivation solution with low cost, good effect and no pollution.

This product has the following advantages:
1. Because of its excellent cleaning ability on the surface oxide scale of stainless iron, it can not only clean the pre-treated stainless iron, but also clean the stainless iron with oxide scale after hot processing. It can be used for single-tank pickling. , Can also be used for continuous pickling with iron.
2. Since this stainless iron pickling passivation solution can complete the pickling passivation in one step, the pickling process and equipment can be simplified
3. Range of application: 201 202 410 400 series stainless steel surface treatment.
4. Process flow:
Degreasing and degreasing → water washing → pickling passivation → water washing → drying → finished product
5. How to use:
1. Immerse the structure in the pickling tank to keep the liquid surface fully immersed in the workpiece.
2. Determine the pickling time according to the thickness of the oxide scale, generally 30-120 minutes.
3. The operator wears rubber gloves and protective clothing and other safety facilities.
4. If the operator accidentally spills the liquid, flush it with water immediately.