spray drying tower rebuild

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spray drying tower rebuild Tower-
Agglomerator Plant
This plant can produce both low –
density and high-density
detergent powders in the bulk
density range of 0.28 to 0.7
kg/L. Energy is saved
tremendously because 70% of the
raw materials are added by
agglomeration system.
Post-Addition Unit
Base powder and minor solid
ingredients, such as enzyme, and
sodium perborate, etc., are dosed
by electronic dosing belts or
vibration feeders, then fed into
a post-addition rotating mixer.
While the liquid ingredients,
such as nonionic and perfume are
fed into the mixer by dosing
pumps and sprayed inside the
mixer. The powders and liquids
are adsorbed/mixed together,
yielding a stably formulated and
homogenized medium/high-grade
product detergent powder waiting
to be packed.
30% of materials in the product
powder can be added by this post-
addition unit.

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