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Smoky gray floor changing agent + cool floor changing agent + cool floor changing agent

Smoky gray floor changing agent + cool floor changing agent + cool floor changing agent + cold floor changing potion + wood floor changing agent + wood floor changing agent one: product performance Introduction:
MZB-TSType wood floor old color changing agent can quickly penetrate into the wood fiber by simply brushing or rolling the surface of the wood floor board.Change the original color of the wood, so that the surface of the board can quickly form a sense of old vicissitudes.The treated board has the same color, Natural look and feel,A series of advantages such as clear texture and strong layering. It is widely used to change the color of the surface antique process such as solid wood flooring and solid wood composite flooring..
Two:Product technical parameters:
This product is divided intoABCDEFA total of6The structure of this product is a single component
A:The effective active content:70% Melting point b>: 210℃Proportion1.3Validity:5years
B:Effective active content:65% Melting point b>:220℃Proportion1.2Validity:3year
C:Effective active content:50% Melting point b>:170℃Proportion1.15Validity:5years
D:Effective active content:45% Melting point b>:190℃Proportion1.12Validity:4years
E:Effective active content:40% Melting point b>:160℃Proportion1.1 Validity:3years
F:Effective active content:35% Melting point b>:180℃Proportion1.05Validity:3years
Three:How to use:
1:MZB-TSThe color changer for old wooden floor can be diluted with tap water according to the actual color of the wooden floor., The water mixing ratio can be adjusted according to the requirements of the color shade1:1-5Free dilution, Wooden floor The old color changer is a one-component,Before operation, make sure the surface of the board is clean and free of stains. It can be evenly wiped by spraying, coating, soaking, etc., and the wood surface is fully absorbed (completely wetted) as the standard.,Natural drying 2-4After hours or use wooden floorUVFar infrared drying of coating production line for drying,Reuse the dried board320and above sandpaper( Grain direction)Sanding can be painted or treated with wood wax oil,Effective processing per kilogram15-20square.
Four:Scope of application:MZB-TSThe old color changer for wood flooring is mainly used for solid wood Flooring, solid wood composite floor,The color of the surface antique process such as solid wood furniture is changed to the old treatment.
1: The color change agent for the old wood floor is a polymer additive,Should be stored separately from other chemical products,So as not to cause danger.
2: The structure of the old wood floor color changing agent is a single component,The color is a single independent color,It must be used separately during operation,Cannot be mixed with each other in advance, In order to avoid the failure of the agent.
3: Clean up the dirt on the surface of the board before operation so as not to affect the permeability of the liquid medicine
4: Please wear gloves during operation to prevent the liquid from contacting the skin.
5: If it touches the eyes and skin, immediately wash it off with plenty of tap water.
6: Keep away from children during operation