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Rising And Falling Column Platform Forklift

  Post Date: Sep 22,2021
  Expiry Date: Mar 21,2022
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Payment Method: T/T,L/C

Rising and falling column
platform has two kinds: single
mast rising and falling column
platform and double mast rising
and falling column platform.

Single mast type and
features:The whole device is
light and flexible to move. When
folded, it can enter general
standard size door or corridor,
as well as electrical lift of

1) Suitable for single men
operation2) Available maximum
height of platform at 7m and 8m
3) Power supply: single-phase
AC4) DC power available (storage
battery)5) Hydraulic system
imported from Italy6) Equipped
with pipeline anti cracking

Double mast type and
features:The device has good
stability of working and its load
capacity and lifting height are
higher compared with that of the
single mast. When folded, it can
enter general standard size door
or corridor.

1) Suitable for double men
operation 2) Available maximum
height of platform at 8m, 9m,
10m, 11m, 12m, 13m and 14m 3)
Power supply: single-phase AC 4)
DC power available (storage
battery) 5) Hydraulic system
imported from Italy 6) Equipped
with pipeline anti cracking
valve7) Customer-ordered vehicle

Forklift also has two
kinds: electro-hydraulic forklift
and manual forklift Feature of
electro-hydraulic forklift:Being
light and flexible to move, the
whole device is portable and with
high efficiency. It can be used
for cargo’s moving and stacking
in places such as plant,
warehouse, wharf and big
supermarket, etc.

1) Imported hydraulic
system 2) Power voltage of 12V
(storage battery) 3) Charging
device and indicating meter for
storage battery capacity 4)
Security assured with pipeline
anti cracking valve 5) Safety
coefficient increased in portal
and critical area, where special
steel is selected

Features of manual
forklift:Small, portable and
intelligent, the device can be
used to install and dismantleshop
equipment, die, work piece and
other objects. It is used with
ease under special working
conditions to increase
efficiency, decrease labor
intensity and assure safe

1) Good self locking
ability for steady and safe
working 2) Light revolving force
for up and down movement of the
platform (or fork) to its
required height 3) Small and
portable with easy movement in
narrow space 4) Easy to operate
with low requirement for

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