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MZB-NS type density board (fiberboard) softener

MDF softener
MZB-NS type density board (fiberboard) softener can be used for the softening modification treatment of density boards below 20mm thickness before molding. The processed density board (fiberboard) has good softening and stretchability without changing the density The original strength and color of the board (fiberboard), MZB-NS type density board (fiberboard) softener is odorless and simple to operate. It can be treated by brushing, spraying, soaking and other methods according to the density of the density board. It has a series of advantages such as fast softening speed, smooth surface after molding, no cracks in the stretched part, and strong three-dimensional effect. It is widely used in the production of molded density door panels with uneven textures of MDF, wood veneer molded door panels, melamine molded door panels, decorative panels and automotive interior parts with uneven patterns and other heterosexual furniture panels
1. Product physical and chemical properties:
1, Appearance:Colorless transparent liquid
2, PH value:7.0~7.5
、Smell:No smell
5、Active ingredient: ≥70%
6. Solubility: easily soluble in water

7、Thermal decomposition temperature: 280℃
8、Chemical composition: Oxygen modification
2. Scope of application:
It is suitable for the softening and bump modification treatment of various density boards below 20mm thickness before molding.

3. How to use:
Usually use immersion method, brush method and spray method
2、The soaking method is recommended to directly dilute the MZB-NS type density board softening agent and industrial alcohol into an aqueous solution with a concentration of 10-15% before soaking. Soaking time is 5-30 minutes
3The recommended concentration of painting method is 20%-25%The painting area is 20-30 square/KG
4When the sprayer sprays, please move it to an outdoor ventilated place. The spray concentration is 25%-30%, and the spray area is 25-35 square / KG
1MZB-NS type density board softening agent, please do not dilute with water to avoid expansion and degumming of density board
2After the melamine veneer molded-density door panel is embossed and formed, pay attention to the operation process to avoid internal buckle after forming
3When the density board with a thickness of 10mm or more is processed by brushing method and spraying method, it is recommended to treat both the front and back sides to ensure complete penetration of the softener
4When using a sprayer to spray, please move to an outdoor ventilated place to operate
5In case of accidental drinking, drink a lot of water, do not force vomiting, go to the hospital for treatment
6、Valid period of use: 24 months