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Mutex-environmental colorless, tasteless water-based texture beautifying agent

Water-based painter, environmentally friendly, colorless, tasteless
One: Product introduction:
VADERWALD Mutex-environmental yellowing-resistant water-based beautifying agent is a pure water-based environmentally friendly product used for special effect coloring of wood, does not affect the adhesion of the paint film, does not yellow, does not recolor, is resistant to oxidation, and is transparent High, anti-burning, colorless, tasteless, solvent-free, no VOCS, no toxic and harmful substances, strong three-dimensional effect; color cross-color, pure water, green and environmental protection; simple manual wiping or assembly line machine roller wiping The coating process can effectively beautify the wood texture, so that the wood presents clear and natural, clear pipes, and the natural layered style of ancient charm. VADERWALD-environmental yellowing-resistant water-based beautifying agent can quickly adsorb to the wood. Inside the fiber duct, beautify the layering of the fiber color and the clarity of the wood grain, increase the contrast and shadow effect of the depth of the wood grain, thereby enhancing the visual value of the board and the quality of the product.

Two: Product features:

1. Good construction tolerance, long construction time limit, easy to wipe, good hand feeling, suitable for all kinds of color repair, complementary color, color registration, and old antique crafts.

2. It is colorless, odorless, solvent-free, VOCS-free, does not contain toxic and hazardous substances, pure water, and environmentally friendly.

3. The construction is simple, it can be easily colored with cotton cloth, and the coating area per kilogram is 20-30 square meters.

4. It dries quickly, does not become sticky, does not turn yellow, and does not affect the adhesion of subsequent paints.

5. Excellent comprehensive performance, can add and dissolve various water-based color pastes, color concentrates, toners, good coloring power, uniform and natural color, unique and natural style.

Three: Construction method:

1. Grind the surface of the wood to a suitable fineness, remove the surface dust, dust, dust, and stains to ensure that the wood surface texture is transparent and clear. (Note: The light wood grain board can be polished and cleaned without the closed bottom, and then wiped with VADERWALD-environmentally friendly yellowing-resistant water-based beautifying agent) It is recommended to use water-based colorants (red, yellow, blue, black and white) when wiping. Toning.

2. Spray or brush a strip of water-based primer on the wood surface in advance. After the water-based primer is dry for 2-4 hours, sand it with 320 to 400 mesh sandpaper to clean the surface. Dip a cotton cloth with a texture agent and spin on the board. Wipe, and collect the remaining material in the direction of the wood grain. Collect the floating color on the surface of the fresh wood and then place it to dry.

3. VADERWALD-Environmental yellowing-resistant water-based texture beautifying agent can be used for the color correction and color correction function after wood chemical dyeing (you can add water-based color paste to VADERWALD-Environmental-friendly yellowing-resistant water-based texture beautifying agent (Red, yellow, blue, black and white) to compound different tonal styles.

Four: Packaging and storage:

1: This product is a polymer active dispersion, there will be stratification and precipitation when stored for a long time, so please be sure to stir it evenly before using it.

2: The use temperature of this product is above 10 degrees, please keep warm and store it.
3. The product packaging specification is 25 kg plastic drum.
4. The validity period is: 3 years.