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Mutex-concentrated UV-resistant water-based colorant

Water-based UV-resistant color paste-type wood resistance
This industry technology focuses on the production and research and development of ultra-concentrated wood discoloration-resistant special color pastes. Its products are mainly used for water-based wood wax oil, water-based wood paint, water-based resin (water-based acrylic, water-based polyurethane, water-based epoxy resin) and other coloring and tinting additives . Traditional ordinary colorants are more susceptible to color reversion and fading due to the influence of tannins contained in wood. VADERWALD-Concentrated UV-resistant water-based colorants adopt the vacuum high speed of the German NETZSCH company during the high-speed dispersion process. Grinding disc dispersion equipment, and at the same time, use the anti-oxidant pigments of Swiss JLAMANR company and the antioxidant LM of British LOMANIR company in the formula, so that the color fastness can be quality guaranteed. In order to have better light fastness, there will be no oxidation, fading, and lightening of color due to exposure to light or air. The color remains more durable, the color is bright and full, quick-drying, and the durability is longer. VADERWALD -Concentrated anti-ultraviolet water-based color paste has 5 basic common colors: red, yellow, blue, black and white. Customers can formulate personalized colors in different proportions according to requirements. It has good resin compatibility and light resistance (weather resistance) ) And chemical resistance (acid and alkali resistance), strong thixotropic fluidity, high concentration of color paste, strong coloring power, low dosage and other advantages. After light resistance test: exposure to xenon lamp, blue wool The ruler can measure up to 8 levels or more. Weather resistance test: use ATLAS aging instrument, regularly use xenon lamp exposure and spray with water, exposure for 600 hours, the color difference can reach above level 5 according to the ISO gray scale.

Performance characteristics of VADERWALD Mutex-concentrated UV-resistant water-based colorant

1. Concentrated color paste with high pigment content: strong coloring power, good color development, economical and applicable;

2. High weather resistance, high light resistance, washing resistance, UV resistance, high shade, high hiding power, high resistance to chemical media;

3. Resin-free water-based system, not only has good compatibility with resins, but also has the versatility of water-based systems; it is suitable for all water-based resin systems; it has good compatibility with various water-based resins, and can be added in any proportion ;

4. The product has fine and uniform fineness, high tinting strength, and transparent color;

Product instructions:

1. Please fully stir the color paste evenly before use. If some product particles have precipitated during long-term storage, it can still be used normally as long as it is fully stirred and filtered; the customer must pay attention to it when using it, and please use the sample test and confirm it for normal use ;

Storage conditions:

Please store in a cool and dry place under the condition of 0℃-40℃, and not easy to be stored under too cold or overheating;

After use, please cover it tightly in time to avoid long-term contact between the color paste and the air to prevent the color paste particles from gathering and filming on the surface;

Product shelf life: The shelf life is 2 years from the date of production.

The difference between water-based color paste and water-based color concentrate (same and different)

For product coloring needs, many users call to inquire about the difference between water-based color paste and water-based color concentrate-what is the difference between the two, the main component of water-based color paste is granular pigment, after physical dispersion method, the granular pigment is evenly dispersed In water, the pigment content is generally between 30-40%, just like mud, so it is usually called water-based color paste or water-based paint color paste! The water-based color concentrate is generally a dye that can be dissolved in a water-oil dual-use solvent. The water-based color concentrate is also called water-solvent metal complex dye. It has compatibility with a variety of water-based resins. For the future market, water-based colorants and Water-based color concentrates are all colorable super concentrated pre-dispersed products! Both can be used for wood coloring. This is one of the similarities between the two!

The difference between the two is that the water-based color paste is more suitable for wood covering color (no wood grain, full-covered solid color effect).

The water-based color concentrate is more suitable for the process effect of wood color transparency, wood grain permeability, (showing wood texture, strong layering, after primer coating). Water-based color essence has the advantages of clear color, clear texture and better permeability.