Liquid Detergent Making Line

  Post Date: Sep 22,2021
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Liquid detergent product
line includes: 1) Preheat water 2)
Premix 3) Pre-dissolve 4) Heat up
product5) Cooling6) Storage 7)
Packaging and bottling 8) Interval
and batch production

Included equipment:1) High
efficient emulsification and
homogenization equipment2) Water
process equipment 3) Vacuum
equipment 4) Filter, package and
bottling equipment

The entire shampoo
processing procedure of heating,
dissolving, blendingand cooling is
done in a fabricating boiler.

Standard liquid detergent
fabricating boiler:1) Double whisk
structure2) High speed dispersedly
blend 3) Slurry material and
macromolecule chemicals4) Stepless
timing and low speed blend 5) Fit
for each state liquid

Multi-utility liquid
detergent fabricating boiler:1)
Disperse effectively2) Low speed
blend3) High speed homogenized
blend structure

Bottling machine:1)
Automatic capacity regulation 2)
Automatic liquid control level 3)
Automatic cleaning4) Touch screen
automation5) High-bracket chain
board conveyer6) Convenience to
cleaning and maintain

The above liquid detergent
device can produce liquid
detergent for textiles, dishware,
household surface, shampoo and

We also can supply
technology, project design and
auxiliary facilities, such as an
electrothermal steam generator,
water process system,
bottlingmachine and conveyor

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