laundry soap production line

  Post Date: Sep 22,2021
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Specs:laundry soap production line

Payment Method: T/T or L/C at sight
The soap base can be produced by
batch kettle or continuous
saponification process from oil &
fats. The liquid soap base is
vacuum dried into soap noodles,
then to be added with perfume,
anti-oxidation agent, colorant,
etc additives in a blender for
homogeneously mixing, milling,
refining and vacuum plodding
system to come out the long soap
bar, the soap mould will form
toilet soap or laundry soap of
different shapes. The whole plant
includes oil and fats refining
unit, saponification unit, vacuum
drying unit, finishing line and
packaging section. Complete soap
plant can be supplied. The
customer can invest for the plant
produce from oil & fats process
or from the soap noodles process
of finishing line. laundry soap
production line to produce
various toilet soap, laundry
soap, soap noodles with different
shapes and formulation.

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