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Large supply of environmentally friendly building template brightener + template brightener + template brightener building agent

A large supply of environmentally friendly-building template brightening agent + template brightening agent + template brightening building agent

Environmentally friendly-building template brightener + template brightener + template brightening building agentIt has five functions of moisturizing, softening, anti-numb surface, improving paper toughness, increasing brightness, traditional laminating Due to the pre-curing of part of the glue surface of the paper before hot pressing on the machine, the fluidity of the glue liquid during high temperature hot pressing is reduced, which leads to the deterioration of the thermal curing performance of the film paper, and the surface appears twists, spots, roughness, and poor gloss. , Poor defects such as reduced waterproof performance. After adding MZB-NS type building membrane paper modification additives directly to the (two-dip phenolic glue), it can also be directly added to the urea glue for hot pressing. It can effectively improve a series of shortcomings of traditional laminated paper, such as fragile, easy to break, easy to stick, easy to foam, short storage period, and low surface brightness after hot pressing. It is currently a high-quality improved functional additive to improve the quality of building templates.
One: Product technical parameters:
1, Appearance: Concentrated transparent liquid
2, Stability: strong stability coefficient
3, Ionicity: non-ionic
4, Viscosity (25℃): 10~16 mpa.s
5, Solubility: easily soluble in water
6, Qi   odor: no special odor
7, specific gravity 1.22
8, melting point: 240℃
9. Effective active content: 95%
10, PH value 7-8
Two: Scope of application:
MZB-NS type building template brightening aid can be applied to various colors of film paper, and the quality and performance of the template can be improved.
Three: Product use:
MZB-NS type building template brightening aid
1. It can effectively extend the storage period of laminated paper to facilitate long-distance transportation and long-term storage in inventory for manufacturers
2, it can effectively improve the flexibility of the coated paper to reduce the damage rate caused during transportation and handling
3, it can effectively improve the fluidity of the film layer to reduce the twists, spots, and roughness caused by the heat curing process
4, it can effectively improve the gloss and smoothness of the adhesive layer film after pressing, thereby improving the surface quality of the building template and increasing the number of repeated uses
Four: How to use:
After the phenolic or urea rubber is produced, it can be directly added to the reactor for uniform stirring, or it can be added to the batching tank when the two-dip batching is stirred, and the added amount is the total amount of phenolic rubber ( Weight percentage) 0.5-1.5%, can also be directly added to the urea glue and stir evenly. The added amount is 0.3-2% of the total amount of urea-formaldehyde glue (weight percentage) (adjustable according to the viscosity of the urea-formaldehyde glue). If black film paper is produced, it is recommended to add it together with vulcanized black and mix well.
Five: Note:
1. Make sure that the MZB-NS type building template brightening aid and glue are evenly mixed before operation (usually add it to the surface glue)
2, because the MZB-NS type of building template brightening aid is concentrated, it should be cleaned immediately with a lot of tap water when it touches the eyes.
3, Keep away from children during operation, please store in a dry and cool place
4, Validity: 3 years