Isohexanediol, also known as 2-methyl-2,4-pentanediol, is a chemical substance that can be used in the fields of pesticides, biochemical engineering, photosensitive materials, and synthetic fragrances.

It can be widely used in many fields:
· Paints and coatings
· Emulsion for textile and leather industry
·Organic Phosphorus Pesticide Stabilizer
· Hydraulic oil, metalworking fluid and drilling fluid
· Fire extinguishing foam
· Personal care formula (shampoo, liquid soap, etc…)
· Household and industrial detergents
· Cosmetics and fragrances
· Fiber treatment
· Extraction solvent
· Used as a solvent in pharmaceutical synthesis
· Adhesive (PU synthesis, chain extender)
· Additives for concrete and cement (anti-crack/reduce shrinkage)
·Diesel engine oil antifreeze