Feeling agent GMF

Super Feeling Agent GMF


With the improvement of people’s living standards, the requirements for the appearance of daily necessities are getting higher and higher, such as aluminum powder effect, cracking effect, elasticity, cotton slip, silk, moisturizing effect, etc., especially those that are often touched by hand For the parts of the material, it is required to apply hand-feel paint, such as special paper, leather, textiles, MP3 shell, mouse, mobile phone shell, etc. The soft and smooth feeling, for this, the hand-feeling paint came into being. To meet the above requirements, GMF is developed with a variety of special functional materials, so that the surface of the coated object has a velvet, rubber-like feel and texture, which can greatly improve the product The added value of the product will enhance the competitiveness of the product in the international market.

GMF is a general-purpose surface coating hand-feel paint. Compared with traditional hand-feel coatings, it not only has a wide range of applications, but also uses water as a diluent. It is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The coating process is simple and flexible. It can be sprayed, scratched or Gravure printing and screen printing, and the coating technology is easy to grasp, the coating quality is stable, and it has strong adhesion, anti-sticking and waterproof properties. After finishing the coating, the surface gloss of the object is naturally soft, not whitening, and the grain surface is fine. It can make the surface feel smooth, silky and moisturized. This product has been widely used in special coatings on paper surface, leather surface texture coating, hardware and electronic product surface coating.

Physical property index

Appearance Milky white liquid

Solid content About 30%

Viscosity (coating 4 cups, 25°C, seconds) 30-40

pH value about 7

Diluent Water


Give paper and leather a smooth, silky and moisturizing feel without affecting the physical properties of the finished product;

Water is used as a diluent, without organic solvents and heavy metals, a truly green product;

Excellent film formation, uniformity, and filling; natural and soft color without whitening, good color transparency;

Construction process: spraying, scraping, gravure printing or screen printing, simple and flexible;

Improve the grade of the product.

Scope of use

Surface feel treatment of high-grade paper products

Leather surface texture treatment

Special touch coating for electrical appliance shell

Plastic shell handle treatment

Package storage

The packaging of this product is 20 kg and 120 kg/barrel. It is a non-dangerous product. It can be handled as general chemicals during storage and transportation. Please keep it sealed and store in a dry and ventilated place. The storage temperature is 5-35°C. Please note that this product has not been used up and stored in a sealed container. The validity period is one year.