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Payment Method: T/T,L/C
The device adopts intermission and
batch Production Plant. It mainly
includes the following units.
(1)high efficient emulsification
and homogenization equipment.(2)
water process equipment (3)vacuum
equipment (4)filter, package and
assembly equipment
The device can produce the
following products: (1)liquid
detergent for textile:mainly used
for washing all kinds of clothes
and biddings.(2)dishware liquid
detergent:mainly used for dishing
fruits, vegetable and dishware.(3)
shampoo and skin detergent:
mainly include shampoo for head,
gel for hair care, detergent for
body, liquid detergent for hands,
liquid detergent for foot, liquid
detergent for face, liquid
detergent for mouth.(4)detergent
for household surface:
mainly used for washing sanitation
facilitates, furniture, wall, etc.

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