Descaling agent

This descaling agent is mainly used for boilers, heat exchangers, civil kettles, tea trays\bottles and other metals Descaling after the components are fouled,It can also remove scale and rust,Good descaling effect strong>,This descaling agent is solid type.It is an industrial non-toxic product,Safe and reliable.Each kilogram of descaling agent can remove approximately0.6value=”.8″ unitname=”kg”>-0.8kg,Valid Prevent metal corrosion,It can be descaled when mixed with a solution. Descale The agent is yellowish (liquid) or white powder (solid). Its scale removal performance is much higher than that of organic acid. It can remove carbonate, iron oxide, silicate and other dirt, and can be applied to boiler steel and stainless steel. , Brass, copper and other metal and alloy materials, the corrosion inhibition rate is 99.7%, which is dozens to hundreds of times higher than hydrochloric acid descaling agents. Due to effective descaling,Improved equipment thermal efficiency,Every descaling< /strong>value=”1″ unitname=”mm”>1 mmscale,Can save fuel2-8 Percent can also prevent metal overheating loss and corrosion under scale.

Scope of Use Widely used in pipelines, Boilers, central air conditioners, heat exchangers, condensers, evaporators, refrigerators, air compressors, reactors, smelting furnaces, heating systems and non-metallic equipment such as ceramics and plastics, which do not pollute the environment and will not affect equipment and operations It is biodegradable, easy to use, economical and safe.

Applicable material:

QH-201 type: used for carbon steel equipment.

QH-202 type: used for carbon steel, copper and its alloy equipment.

QH-203 type: used for carbon steel, copper, stainless steel and alloy equipment.

QH-204 type: used for non-metallic equipment such as plastics and ceramics

After treatment:

1, dirt in the system Remove all, no pitting after cleaning.
2. The surface of the cleaned part is intact and bright.

3. The cleaned metal surface is clean, no secondary floating rust, no pitting, and the passivation film is intact.

4. The descaling rate reaches 98.5%. Solid (white powder)value=”25″ unitname=”kg”>25kg< /st1:chmetcnv>/bag liquid (colorless, slightly yellow)value=” 25″ unitname=”kg”>25kg/barrel Executive standard: GB/T2008-2006

How to use:

1. Make sure that the equipment is not severely corroded and It can be cleaned after leakage.

2 , Connect the pump, the cleaning tank and the equipment to be cleaned into an independent circulation system, and prepare a cleaning solution at a concentration of 7%-10% for cyclic cleaning. (It can also be soaked or scrubbed under non-circulation conditions); heating can increase the cleaning speed, but the liquid temperature should not exceed value=”60″ unitname=”℃”>60℃.

3. Depending on the degree of fouling and the type of equipment, and depending on the degree of reaction, the cleaning time varies from 1 to 24 hours; rinse with clean water after discharge.

4, RT-306 passivating agent can be used for rinsing passivation treatment, water rinse

Packaging and storage:

Liquid: value=”25″ unitname=”kg”>25kg,value=”200″ unitname=”kg”>200 kg Packed in plastic barrels, stored in a cool place, with a shelf life of three years.


   should not be in contact with damaged skin for a long time. Rinse immediately with clean water. QH-202 will cause precipitation when placed for a long time, and it needs to be shaken evenly when the whole barrel is used.