Blackening agent

This product is suitable for the room temperature blackening treatment of various alloy steel, casting products and machinery, hardware tools, standard parts, optical instruments and other metal products. No need to heat up, energy saving more than 90% than traditional blackening process. Preparation and maintenance of working fluid. 1. The pH value of the working fluid is 2.5-3.0. When the pH value rises above 3.5, it indicates that the working fluid is desalinated. At this time, a small amount of concentrated fluid should be added to adjust the pH value to recover, and then it can be used. 2. Regularly clean up the debris in the tank. Recommended process—degreasing → water washing → rust removal → water washing → blackening → water washing → immersion oil sealing Note 1. The degreasing and rust removal process before blackening is the key process for steel blackening at room temperature, and the quality of the treatment will be It directly affects the adhesion and appearance of the blackening film. 2. The length of the blackening time is slightly different depending on the material of the workpiece. After the blackening, the workpiece stays in the air for 1.5-2 minutes, and then rinses with water for 1-2 minutes. Be sure to rinse off the attachments and residual liquid on the surface of the workpiece. 3. Immerse the workpiece in the dehydrated anti-rust oil for 3-5 minutes, and be careful to shake the workpiece up and down several times. 4. Avoid overlapping parts when handling the baskets. The overlapping surface can be separated by gauze. For parts with high requirements, especially military parts, special hangers should be designed. p>

High temperature blackening technical parameters:

Temperature: 135-145 Proportion: 1.1± 1 Color: blue emulsion

Normal temperature blackening Technical parameters:

PH: 2.5 —3.0 Specific gravity: 1.2±1 Color: colorless or light blue liquid

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