Hyosung TNC commercializes bio-based spandex for the first time in the world

Latest News:Hyosung TNC announced on August 10 that it has successfully extracted spandex from corn and commercialized it for the first time worldwide. The company successfully developed Creora®
Bio-Based bio-based spandex, with global eco-friendly certification. creora® bio-based spandex is made with bio-based raw materials derived from industrial corn instead of 30% fossil resources.

Bio-Based received the global eco-friendly certification – Eco Product Mark from SGS in June. SGS is a global inspection, verification, testing and certification body headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Eco Product Label is a certification for products that use eco-friendly raw materials, are harmless to humans, and are produced in an eco-friendly way through ESG management.

Hyosung TNC developed Creora®
Bio-Based, replacing some feedstock derived from coal with USDA bio-certified corn feedstock. Compared to existing spandex, Creora®
Bio-Based reduces water consumption by 39% and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 23%.

Raw materials derived from corn have long been used in general textiles, wrapping paper, cosmetics and liquid detergents. However, they have not been applied to high functional textile products such as spandex. This is due to technical limitations that do not allow elasticity and rebound. Hyosung TNC has successfully solved this problem for the first time in the world after more than a year of research and development.

The blend ratio of spandex and other fibers is on average 5% to 20%, used in ordinary clothing, and the blend ratio is as high as 40% in underwear to improve the wearing feel and functionality of clothing.

TNC plans to produce bio-based spandex first in South Korea and then at overseas production bases such as Vietnam. In addition, by partnering with global fashion brands, the company will continue to increase the use of natural materials in its products.