Fentacat 26 catalyst CAS111542-55-9 Solvay

Product Overview

Fentacat 26 is a water-soluble non-ionic surfactant with a wide range of uses, including personal care products, household cleaners, and industrial products. It is a clear, colorless liquid with a mild odor.

Product Overview

· CAS Number: 111542-55-9

· EINECS Number: 232-348-8

· Molecular formula: C12H25NO

· Molecular weight: 189.32 g/mol

· Appearance: Clear colorless liquid

· Smell: mild

· Solubility: Soluble in water, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol

· Stability: Stable at room temperature and under normal storage conditions

· Hazard: May cause eye and skin irritation. May be harmful if swallowed.


Physical and chemical properties

The physical and chemical properties of Fentacat 26 are listed in the table below.




Clear colorless liquid




0.91 g/cm ³

Refractive Index



Soluble in water, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol

Boiling point

220 ℃

Flash point

100 ℃

Spontaneous combustion temperature

340 ℃

Specific Gravity


Steam pressure

0.01 mm Hg at 25 °C

Henry’s law constant

1.3 x 10^-5 atm-m3/mol

Water soluble

1000 g/l at 25 °C

Partition coefficient (octanol/water)


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Fentacat 26 is used in a variety of applications, including:

· Personal care products: shampoos, conditioners, lotions, soaps and toothpaste

· Household cleaners: dishwashing detergent, laundry detergent and multi-purpose detergent

· Industrial products: metal working fluids, paints and coatings


Fentacat 26 has many advantages, including:

· It is a non-ionic surfactant, which means it is gentle on skin and hair.

· It is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

· It is effective across a wide pH range.

· It is compatible with a variety of other ingredients.

Method of manufacture

Fentacat 26 is produced by esterification of fatty acids with ethylene glycol. Fatty acids are usually derived from vegetable oils or animal fats. The esterification reaction takes place in the presence of an acid catalyst. The resulting products are then purified and concentrated.

Precautions for use

Fentacat 26 should be used with caution. It may cause eye and skin irritation. Swallowing can also be harmful. If it comes into contact with skin or eyes, wash the affected area with soap and water immediately. If swallowed, call the poison control center immediately.

In addition to the precautions described above, Fentacat 26 should not be used on products that will come into contact with food or beverages. It also should not be used in products used by children.

Expiration date:

 Remain unopened for two years


Storage and Transportation:

It should be kept sealed and stored in a dry, cool and ventilated warehouse



200KG/ barrel storage: It is recommended to store in a dry and cool area with proper ventilation. After the original packaging, please fasten the packaging cover as soon as possible to prevent moisture and other substances from mixing and affecting the product performance. Do not inhale dust and avoid contact between skin and mucous membrane. Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited in the workplace. Shower and change after work. Store contaminated clothes separately and use them after washing. Practice good hygiene.


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