Dow releases new product: liquid silicone rubber in shoe midsole

Global Organotin Network News:

Those familiar with basketball may know that the midsole of basketball shoes has a high technological content. Dow Chemical recently exhibited shoe midsoles made of liquid silicone rubber to the world. The transparent shoe midsole in the showcase is only about one centimeter thick and has a honeycomb hollow design. The liquid silicone rubber exhibited by Dow Chemical can use 3D printing technology to “customize” according to different people’s foot shapes to produce more comfortable and more athletic customized shoes. It only takes more than ten minutes to complete a pair of finished shoes. . According to the relevant person in charge of Dow Chemical, this liquid silicone rubber is produced by the group’s plant in Zhangjiagang.

Dow is a diversified chemical company that uses science, technology and the power of “human elements” to continuously improve. In 2010, Dow had annual sales of 53.7 billion U.S. dollars, has approximately 50,000 employees worldwide, operates 188 production bases in 35 countries, and has more than 5,000 products. Dow provides a wide range of products and services to customers in 160 countries and regions around the world, and implements the principles of sustainable development in chemistry and innovation to provide higher-quality products for various consumer markets, including pure water, food, medicine, Paint, packaging, as well as personal care products, construction, home furnishing and automobiles and many other fields.

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