Dow and Johnson Matthey license low-pressure oxo process technology to Chinese companies

Latest News: On September 28, 2022, Johnson Matthey and The Dow Company announced that Anqing Refinery Dawning Butanol Chemical Co., Ltd. (“Anqing Refinery Dawning”) has obtained the Synthesis (LP
OxoSM) technology for the production of approximately 200,000 tons of octanol and 25,000 tons of isobutyraldehyde.

This is the second set of low-pressure oxo synthesis technology licenses provided to Anqing Refinery and Chemical Shuguang Company, and the 23rd set of technology licenses authorized in China. The license will support Anqing Refinery’s Shuguang Company in expanding its oxo business in the growing oxo alcohol market. The new plant of Anqing Refinery Shuguang Company is expected to be put into operation in 2024. Its first plant authorized to use low-pressure oxo technology was put into operation in 2016, with a production capacity of 100,000 tons of octanol, 115,000 tons of n-butanol, and 100,000 tons of isobutanol. 23,000 tons of butanol.

Hector, Global Commercial Director, Catalyst Technologies, Johnson Matthey
Miravete said: “This is a major recognition of our technology. The new design incorporates some of the improvements we have made to ensure that low-pressure oxo technology remains world-leading. We have already started process design and look forward to working with Anqing Refinery Shuguang Company Maintain close cooperation during the construction of the new plant.”

Lauren, Global Business Director, Industrial Solutions, Dow
James said: “The second low-pressure oxo technology license granted to Anqing Refinery Shuguang Company once again proves the value of this mature technology and its many intellectual property rights. In addition, this project will be through new innovations, and Anqing Refinery will cooperate with Anqing Refinery. Hua Shuguang Company already has rich operational experience and existing technologies complement each other, creating opportunities for the rapid development of China’s oxo alcohol market. As an official licensed user, Anqing Refinery Shuguang Company will obtain the latest innovative technology, and the first factory Create synergies while also leveraging the expertise of Johnson Matthey and Dow to support new plant development.”

Octanol is used to plasticize PVC to produce specialty adhesives and paints. Isobutyraldehyde is used in specialty coatings and solvent applications.

About Low Pressure Oxosynthesis (LP OxoSM) Technology

Low-pressure oxo technology is a low-pressure hydroformylation process that most commonly uses propylene and synthesis gas (a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide) to produce n-butyraldehyde and isobutyraldehyde. These butyraldehydes are subsequently converted to octanol (2-EH), n-butanol and isobutanol, which are mainly used in plasticizer applications, paint production, and specialty coatings and solvents, respectively. Other applications of low pressure oxo technology include processes for the production of isononanol and dipropylheptanol, both of which are produced from mixed butene feeds as substitutes
2-EH’s high-end plasticizer alcohol, and a process for the production of carbon 12 to carbon 15 surfactant series alcohols from carbon 11 to carbon 14 Fischer-Tropsch synthesis of olefins. The technology can also convert heptene 1 extracted from Fischer-Tropsch products into comonomer-grade octene 1. 2021 marks the 50th anniversary of Johnson Matthey and Dow’s collaboration in the development and licensing of low-pressure oxo technologies. For more than 50 years, Johnson Matthey and Dow have licensed their low-pressure oxo technology to 57 projects in 15 countries.