Daily Review on PA66 on May 16

  According to the monitoring data of SunSirs, the domestic PA66 market was low and sideways on May 16, and the spot prices of various specifications were stable.

  Analysis review

  Recently, the early price of adipic acid in China has gradually fallen, and the trading is not ideal, and the current weakness continues. The cost-side support of PA66 is not good, the installation load of domestic PA66 enterprises is high, and the supply in the market is abundant.In terms of demand, the current terminal enterprises tend to purchase just to maintain production, and the resistance to high-priced supply is relatively strong.

  At present, the impact of the domestic epidemic on East China has not yet ended. The logistics in many places have been affected to varying degrees. The demand of some downstream factories in China has shrunk, the contradiction between supply and demand has become more serious, and the merchants have greater resistance to shipments. On-site transactions declined, sellers were in a bad mood and continued to lower prices for sales.