“Chongqing gas enters Guizhou” main channel Zhengda line successfully tested

Chongqing natural gas arrives at Daozhen Dahao Station via Zheng’an

“Chongqing gas enters Guizhou” main channel Zhengda line successfully tested

On June 23, the natural gas source from Chongqing to Guizhou entered the Zheng’an to Daozhen to Dajing natural gas pipeline (referred to as the Zhengda Line) and arrived at Dajing Station. , and completed the trial operation of natural gas transmission. This indicates that the Zhengda line of the main channel of Chongqing gas entering Guizhou has been successfully tested, the Chongqing gas entering Guizhou has entered a substantive stage, and the province’s northern Guizhou pipeline network and Chongqing pipeline network have achieved interconnection.

The Zhengda Line is the main channel for gas from Chongqing to enter Guizhou. It is a key project to accelerate the construction of natural gas pipeline network in Guizhou during the 14th Five-Year Plan. It is also an important export channel for shale gas in northern Guizhou. The natural gas supply pattern of “multi-channel supply and multi-method guarantee” will play a positive role and is of great significance to the province’s energy security supply.

The Zhengda Line Project starts from Zheng’an Sub-transmission Station and ends at Dayang Station (at the junction of Chongqing and Guizhou). It is an important part of the natural gas “county-county connection” in Guizhou Province, with a total length of 76 kilometers and an annual gas transmission capacity of 9.8 One hundred million cubic meters. At present, the Zhengda Line can radiate to Daozhen, Wuchuan and Zhengan, mainly for industrial and some civil use. It is expected to radiate to Xinzhou, Suiyang and Meitan in Zunyi within this year, providing important services for the development of Guizhou’s livelihood and new industrialization. energy security and support.

During the construction of the project, Wujiang Energy Group Pipe Network Company attaches great importance to the safety of pipeline operation, creates and implements the design concept of “green pipeline, safe pipeline, and people-oriented”, closely integrates pipelines with the environment, and fully considers water conservancy and flood control planning and transportation planning. , ecological environment planning and other important factors, the “green” concept runs through.

In recent years, Guizhou has accelerated the construction of natural gas pipeline network, and is gradually forming a natural gas “one network” with national trunk lines, provincial branch lines, and county-level connecting lines as the skeleton. By the end of 2021, the province has built more than 2,285 kilometers of natural gas branch pipelines, and the natural gas pipelines connect 68 county-level urban areas. (Reporter Chen Ling)