Breaking the monopoly of foreign technology: China University of Petroleum (East China) helps the domestic industrialization of adiponitrile!

Latest News: Recently, Associate Professor Wang Bo from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, China University of Petroleum (East China) signed a contract with a refining and chemical company under Sinopec for a “complete set of production of adiponitrile by butadiene hydrocyanation.” “Technology Development” agreement, this technology solves the “stuck neck” problem that has long restricted the development of my country’s nylon industry, officially starts the industrial application of this technology, and achieves new breakthroughs in my country’s high-end chemical industry.

Associate Professor Wang Bo from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering draws experimental samples from the reagent bottle

Associate Professor Wang Bo has originally developed a complete set of technologies, prototype process packages, and catalyst systems for the direct cyanation of butadiene and hydrocyanic acid with independent intellectual property rights to produce adiponitrile, and has completed the DCS-controlled modular continuous small Industrial Demonstration Device Validation. After the expert review organized by Sinopec, it was unanimously agreed to start the construction project of 10,000-ton industrial production equipment. After the successful mass production of the project, it can effectively take advantage of the existing raw materials and resource advantages of the partner equipment, extend its industrial chain, and produce my country’s long-term dependence on imports. Adiponitrile, a high-end chemical product, has broken through the “neck-stuck” technology monopolized by international giants for 50 years, realized the expectations of generations of chemical workers in my country, and greatly improved the safety of my country’s nylon 66 industry and the competitiveness of its products in the international market. Ensure the normal development of downstream industries such as transportation, textiles, electronics and military supplies. No matter from the perspective of market economy or maintaining the strategic safety of national basic raw materials, the realization of industrialized development of adiponitrile production is of milestone significance.

Associate Professor Wang Bo from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering observed and recorded the flow and pressure of the feed pump of the reactor

This technology breaks through the high technical barriers in catalytic system, reactor, separation and purification, equipment selection, etc., and has higher yield than the existing adipic acid amination method and acrylonitrile electrolysis method in the industry to produce adiponitrile. Significant advantages such as efficiency, lower cost, and environmental friendliness. At the same time, innovations and breakthroughs have been made in process technology, equipment, analysis and testing, and raw material preparation: First, the original development of a complete prototype technology process package for the production of adiponitrile by butadiene hydrocyanation with independent intellectual property rights, including full Process technology, equipment design, process safety protection, online analysis and testing, etc., all indicators have reached the best level of foreign similar devices, and have broken through foreign patent blockades. The second is to develop the technology of producing adiponitrile raw materials from acrylonitrile by-product hydrocyanic acid, which greatly reduces the cost of adiponitrile raw materials and turns waste into treasure. Third, combined with my country’s national conditions, developed a complete set of production technology for the production of hydrocyanic acid by ammonia oxidation of methanol, and invented the industrial online detection technology of hydrocyanic acid, whose cost has advantages compared with the American natural gas Ansevier method. Fourth, innovatively developed a highly active and highly selective metal-organic catalyst system for the reaction of butadiene and hydrocyanic acid to produce adiponitrile, and realized the efficient recovery and recycling of the catalyst.

Associate Professor Wang Bo from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering observes the dose of experimental samples to be analyzed and tested

Gilbert F., academician of the American Academy of Engineering and world leader in the field of reaction engineering.
When evaluating the technology, Froment said: “The technology developed by Wang Bo for the production of hydrogen cyanide by ammonia oxidation of methanol uses methanol as raw material, and innovatively develops a highly active and highly selective composite metal oxide catalyst and a matching new energy integration reactor. , the reaction temperature is low, energy saving and environmental protection, and the yield of hydrocyanic acid is significantly higher than that of the Ansson method.

“China University of Petroleum (East China) has many scientific researchers like Associate Professor Wang Bo, and they have made important contributions to the realization of industrial application of technology.” Liu Xinmei, Dean of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, said that these achievements are mainly due to the college’s achievements. It has consistently adhered to the development idea of ​​”collaborative innovation, in-depth integration; the college sets up the stage and the teachers sing opera”, vigorously promotes the combination of production, education and research, and strives to realize the industrial application of technology while promoting the high-quality development of the college.

Associate Professor Wang Bo from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering injects experimental samples into the analytical testing instrument

It is reported that adiponitrile is the main raw material of the nylon industry chain, mainly used for the production of nylon 66. Nylon 66 is widely used in the fields of national defense and military industry, urban construction and transportation, and household life due to its better comprehensive performance. It is an important strategic material related to the national economy and people’s livelihood. In recent years, although the market demand for nylon 66 has continued to grow, the nylon 66 industry has shown an oligopoly in the world. The key point is the matching of raw material adiponitrile. Subject to the key raw material adiponitrile, the domestic nylon 66 external dependence is nearly 30%, and the preparation of adiponitrile has become a “stuck neck” technology in the field of new materials in my country. Ministry consecutively included
The “Five-Year Plan” and the Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalogue encourage projects to promote the localization of adiponitrile technology.