300,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced every year! Coal chemical CO₂ capture project was put into operation in Yulin, Shaanxi

Today (June 30), the 300,000-ton/year coal chemical CO₂ capture project was completed and put into operation in Yulin, Shaanxi, an important national energy base. This project relies on high-purity coal-to-methanol plants and facilities. CO₂ gas is used as raw material for capture, all of which are used for oil displacement and geological storage in oilfields in northern Shaanxi, driving carbon dioxide into the ground and driving out oil. It is understood that the capture energy consumption of the project is 1.36 GJ/ton, and the cost is 105 yuan/ton. It is one of the devices with lower energy consumption and lower cost in domestic CO₂ capture projects. After the project is put into operation, it can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 300,000 tons per year. , equivalent to planting 16.68 million trees.

Liang Quansheng, deputy chief engineer of Yanchang Petroleum Research Institute: The proven reserves of Yanchang Oilfield are 3.41 billion tons, and the amount suitable for carbon dioxide flooding is 1.7 billion tons. Calculated based on an 8% increase in recovery factor, it is equivalent to adding a new 136 million tons of recoverable oil.