ws3 nano coating surface treatment

Film thickness-8 nanometers, no superposition;
After treatment, the static friction torque of the surface is reduced to one ten thousandth;
The surface energy of the treated material——2~4mn/m;
Surface friction after treatment-reduced to one tenth;
Applicable temperature–200 º C to 650 º C;
High surface activity, high heat stability, high chemical inertness, water and oil repellency, embodied in:
   1. High surface activity and low surface energy. The surface energy of the molecular film formed by WS3 nanometer on the surface of the object is only 2~4 mN/m.
  2. High thermal stability. Can not decompose under the conditions of -200 º C to 650 º C.
  3. Good chemical stability. It can stably and effectively play the role of its surfactant in special application systems such as acids, alkalis, and strong oxidizing media, without reacting or decomposing with the system.
Product technical characteristics:
Wear resistance, friction reduction, adhesion resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, oil resistance, high pressure resistance, moisture absorption
Main product performance:
Extend life, strengthen sealing, increase power, reduce vibration, and reduce temperature and noise
Prevent fatigue, start at low temperature, save energy and reduce consumption, stabilize and long-term, comprehensively increase efficiency
In the United States, WS3 nano surface coating has been widely used in:
Space orbit station, airplane
Ships, ocean-going ships
Chariots, high-speed trains, engineering vehicles, civilian vehicles
Large-scale industrial equipment such as steel, hydropower, mining, petrochemicals, etc.
Lubrication and sealing systems of various machinery