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Wooden floor, wooden molding, wooden door, wooden furniture-Mujiemei-environmental wood whitening liquid

Wood floors, wooden lines, wooden doors, wooden furniture-Jiemei-environmentally friendly wood whitening liquid


I. Product introduction:

VADINHUA Mujiemei-Environmental Wood Whitening Liquid is a two-component A+B, environmentally friendly and odorless new type of wood whitening and fading product. It is simple to operate and does not require professional technical workers. Simple spraying or rolling on the surface can quickly penetrate into the wood fiber. To the carbon base (C=O), vinyl (CH2=CH), OH group, methoxy group (-CHO) and the dark pigment on the wood surface Carboxyl (-COOH), lignin, etc. carry out an effective oxidation-reduction reaction. The original dark color is oxidized and reduced to the light wood color. After treatment, the board can achieve consistent color difference, natural and clean look and clear texture, It has a series of advantages such as strong layering, easy to color, stable and long-lasting. This product is suitable for a wide range of tree species, high content, fast reaction speed, flame retardant, degreasing and degreasing, fast drying, environmental protection, odorless, non-irritating odor, and durable The treated wood products are not easy to turn yellow, not easy to mold, and not easy to crack. It has changed the traditional wood products that have a large odor, easy to heat up and fail, shallow penetration depth, sanding and easy exposure, whitening and drying speed after fading. It is slow, requires professional deployment, and the deployment ratio is not easy to grasp. When encountering wood with high oil content, it is easy to turn red and yellow. VADINHUA Mujiemei-environmentally friendly wood whitening liquid can effectively treat oak, European oak, red oak, white oak, ash, beech, maple, northeast birch, southwest birch and other wood floors, furniture, and wood crafts The product has dark colors, such as discoloration, stains, and water accumulation, and is easy to use, safe, low cost, no waste, anti-cracking (internally added 5% anti-cracking agent), anti-returning, anti-mildew (internally adding 6 % Anti-mildew agent ingredient plus 9% during mildew rain season), a series of advantages of resistance to yellowing.

Two. Main ingredients: Oxidation aid A, reduction aid B, anti-mildew aid CMB, anti-yellowing aid MJB, oxidase aid M, cationic penetration aid JFC, Oxidation accelerator H, water-based anti-cracking agent, surfactant, etc. do not contain harmful substances such as heavy metals and formaldehyde.

Three, product parameters:

1. Appearance: light yellow transparent liquid.

2. Odor: odorless.

3. Specific gravity; 1.16.

4, PH value: A and B liquid 1:1 after mixing 9.5

5. Water solubility: easily soluble in water.

6. Effective active content: 40%.

7. Executive standard: National Standard GB18582-2001.

4. Scope of application:

VADINHUA Mujiemei-environmentally friendly wood whitening liquid can effectively treat wooden floors, wooden lines, wooden doors, wooden furniture, wooden crafts, woven crafts, bamboo products, and rattan products. Discoloration, stains, water accumulation and other dark phenomena, convenient to use, safe, no waste, anti-cracking, degreasing, yellowing resistance, anti-tarnishing and a series of advantages.