With a total investment of 397 million yuan, this large-scale acrylic rubber project is about to start production!

Global Organotin Network News: Acrylate rubber is a kind of sealing material developed and promoted by the automotive industry in recent years. Domestic demand basically depends on imports. The 10,000-ton acrylate rubber project started by HSBC Petrochemical Group has the largest domestic production capacity. After the completion of the project, a full range of all types of acrylate rubber can be realized by adopting the proprietary technology of acrylate rubber independently developed by HSBC Petrochemical Group. Production has become a highlight project in Huantai County to develop high-end chemicals and promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure. ”

Acrylic rubber project with a total investment of 397 million yuan, with an annual output of acrylic rubber 1 10,000 tons and 1,000 tons of special rubber compounds. It is the first batch of selected projects in the major project library for the conversion of new and old kinetic energy in Shandong Province in 2020, and a major project in Zibo. After the acrylic rubber project is put into operation, it can achieve annual sales revenue of 412 million yuan. The newly increased tax revenue is RMB 30.09 million, making it the only domestic manufacturer that can produce a full range of acrylic rubbers of various types and grades. Among them, the ultra-low pressure variable carboxyl type is a unique product in China. As a key project to promote the transformation of “oil head and tail”, acrylate rubber The construction of the rubber project enabled the HSBC Petrochemical Group to move out of the refined development path of adjusting the industrial structure through the construction of high-quality projects, and transforming the development mode through the extension of the industrial chain. Transformation and upgrading of new materials companies.