What is recycled silicone rubber?

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Since silicone rubber has been widely used in people’s life and production, and the price of silicone rubber is relatively high, the product is excellent and has many excellent characteristics, so recycled silicone rubber has also emerged.

recycled silicon Rubber uses technology to regenerate the recycled waste silicone rubber. Such recycling can reduce the company’s production costs and save raw materials.

One. The process of reclaimed silicone rubber

The main process of raw silicone rubber includes selecting old materials to remove impurities in the product, and then selecting and The classification of rubber products is followed by dicing and cracking.

two. Disadvantages of recycled silicone rubber

Compared with non-regenerated silicone rubber materials, recycled silicone rubber is more elastic and stretchable. The strength and tear strength are not enough for non-regenerated silicone rubber materials. At the same time, the hardness of regenerated silicone rubber is relatively large, and slight deformation will be found after a long period of use.

Three. Precautions for recycled silicone rubber

1. Slowly control the temperature. The production of reclaimed silicone rubber should pay attention to the temperature change, and the temperature should be controlled to increase slowly, so as to prevent the silicone rubber particles from bursting due to the rapid change in temperature;

2. Eliminate small particles. Recycled silicone rubber generally needs to remove the fine particles in the silicone rubber, so that the rubber particles of the regenerated silicone rubber can be uniform, and the quality of the regenerated silicone rubber can be improved;

3. Prevent the temperature from becoming too high. Too high temperature will cause changes in the pore structure of silicone rubber, which will significantly reduce its adsorption effect and affect its use value. For blue gel indicator or color-changing silica gel, the temperature of desorption and regeneration should not exceed 120 ℃, otherwise the color development effect will be lost due to the gradual oxidation of the color developer.


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