Washing powder production line

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Specs:Washing powder production line

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Washing powder production line
Core innovation technology:
We produced the Washing powder production line with the largest, latest production capacity in the world.
We provide latest technology and equipment to numerous home and abroad daily chemicals company.
Professional integrated design team:
We have a group of researchers who have long engaged in daily chemicals technology, process, equipment development and design .And in the respect of design, manufacture, commissioning, personnel training, formula research etc, we have obvious advantages. We have full set of design and manufacture capacity such as civil work, electrical, instrumentation, automation, process equipment fabricate, environmental protection etc. We have successfully developed a series of new technology and praised by all our home and abroad customers,also.
Indigenous innovation leading technology:
1. The distinctive material dense phase positive pressure air conveying system, it’s different from traditional Roots blower air conveying and pulse pneumatic conveying system and applicable to all kinds of raw material conveying (including 4A zeolite).
2. Automatic mixing device adopts new mixing vessel with special structure which make mixing time much shorter and increase slurry concentration.
3. Adopt the latest spray powder design, structures such as hot air into the tower; exhaust discharge out the tower are totally different from traditional spray powder tower. It will greatly improve production efficiency and reduce cost. Single tower production capacity is 300 tons / y.
4. Exhaust dedusting technology adopt new exhaust dedusting system, exhaust dust emission can less than 20PPM; at the same time, this system will not produce fine powder, tail gas heat all can recycle.
5. Using the current international advanced mixing technology which to make post-blending material amount more than 40%, and guarantee mixing evenly, non –stratified at the same time.
6. To the small composition of formula, we use weightless weighing method to make whole post-blending system measuring accuracy less than 1%.

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