WACKER launches new self-adhesive liquid silicone rubber

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In this year’s China International Medical Equipment Expo and China International Medical Equipment Design and Manufacturing At the technology exhibition (CMEF & ICMD), Wacker Chemie introduced a new type of ELASTOSIL® LR 3178/40 CN self-adhesive liquid silicone rubber for polycarbonate (PC) substrates. The product does not contain bisphenol A, does not require primer treatment, and can be cured and bonded with PC substrates at one time. It is suitable for the production of the main structure of medical products and the production of precision sealing parts. In addition, WACKER will also exhibit the SILPURAN® 21XX series of high-adhesion silicone gels suitable for wound dressings and wearable devices. CMEF & ICMD 2020 will be held in Shanghai, China from October 19th to 22nd.

ELASTOSIL® LR 3178/40 CN is a two-component, platinum-catalyzed addition molding liquid silicone rubber, easy to color, fast curing. After curing, it is translucent and has excellent mechanical strength. The product does not contain bisphenol A and has passed the ISO10993 biocompatibility certification. ELASTOSIL® LR 3178/40 CN does not require primer treatment, and can be bonded to a variety of PC substrates for one-time bonding and curing to form an excellent bonding effect, and does not adhere to the hardened steel material on the inner surface of the mold. The product is especially suitable for injection molding process, and can be used to produce the main structure and precision sealing parts of medical products, such as breathing masks, valves, diaphragms, seals, medical device handles and other applications.

During CMEF & ICMD 2020, WACKER will also exhibit the SILPURAN® 21xx series of medical silicone gels. Wound dressings using this series of products have low allergenicity and high air permeability, which can provide patients with a comfortable wearing experience. SILPURAN® 21xx series can make the dressing gently and reliably adhere to the skin, avoiding secondary damage to open wounds when removed, and its excellent biocompatibility and comfort make it an ideal choice for high-end wound dressings. Especially the new SILPURAN® 2114 and SILPURAN® 2122 products, while continuing all the characteristics of this series of products, significantly improved adhesion. The peel force of SILPURAN® 2114 on stainless steel plates can reach as low as 3.5 Newtons/inch, and SILPURAN® 2122 can even reach 5.5 Newtons/inch, providing a higher adhesion force option for innovative wound dressings, sports medical treatment and wearable testing equipment.

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