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VADERWALD Mutex-environmentally friendly fiber reinforcement for wooden crafts

Enhancement of wooden handicrafts wooden crafts-VADERWALD wood-based environmental protection agent
VADERWALD Mutex-environmentally friendly wood enhancer. Its principle of action is that it can quickly and strongly penetrate into the wood cell tube wall by brushing or soaking, and after it penetrates into the wood tube pores, it can interact with the hydroxyl group in the wood fiber by contacting a small amount of acid in the fiber. Free radicals carry out tripartite self-crosslinking (because the formula contains a certain proportion of active enzyme preparations that can effectively decompose a small amount of formaldehyde in the board by painting), the curing reaction produces an acetyl group protective layer on the wood surface to strengthen the wood fiber. Enhance the original thickness and strength of the wood cell wall. Improve the original fiber flexibility of the wood, and increase the parallel extension and bending resistance of the wood fiber. In order to prevent and reduce the wood warping caused by natural climate changes, Deformation and cracking have greatly reduced the water swelling capacity of the wood, effectively sealing the oil, tannins, acid and unpleasant odors, and the extravasation and volatilization of chemical substances such as formaldehyde in the wood. Thereby effectively improving the comprehensive performance and function of the substrate. Make the wood surface size more stable. The processed board has a series of advantages such as clear texture, maintaining the natural color of the wood, odorless, flame retardant, anti-corrosion, hardening, etc., and is durable.
1. Technical parameters:
1. Appearance: translucent liquid.
2. Effective active matter content: 45%.
3. Drying: self-drying, drying (≥35℃) or infrared heating drying.
4. One-component self-crosslinking-it can be diluted with tap water when vacuum pressure is used.
2. Performance introduction:
1. VADERWALD Mutex-environmentally friendly wood enhancer is a colorless pure water-based translucent liquid, which has the function of color protection for the original color of the wood, does not change or deepen the original color of the wood, and can effectively maintain the original color of the wood. The treated wood surface can be effectively combined with water-based paint (acrylic acid, polyurethane and other water-based carriers) and oil-based paint (nitro, PU, ​​PE, UV, etc.), and has no adverse effect on the adhesion combination. The hardness of the wood surface after infiltration Can increase 2-3H. Its active liquid has strong permeability, rapid dispersion and low adhesion, which can effectively seal and prevent tannic acid (oak series), grease (pine, cypress, teak, pineapple grid series), acidic odor ( Some tree species in South America), the release and decomposition of formaldehyde (MDF, particleboard, plywood, OSB, etc.) After treatment, the board surface of the board no longer has such unfavorable phenomena as cracks, collapse, and scratch resistance, which can effectively improve a series of advantages such as the high-temperature expansion coefficient of the board surface and the low-temperature shrinkage deformation coefficient of the board surface.
3. Scope of application:
VADERWALD Mutex-environmentally friendly wood enhancer can be hand wiped, sprayed, soaked, brushed, mainly suitable for wooden crafts, wooden furniture, solid wood floors, wooden doors and windows, wooden corners, wooden shutters, wooden fences , Wooden open-air decorative fences and other wood surfaces are hardened, anti-crack, anti-deformation, anti-swelling, and closed paint pretreatment.
4. How to use:
VADERWALD Mutex-environmentally friendly wood enhancer can be used to strengthen and harden the wood surface by hand rubbing, spraying, soaking, brushing and other processes, and it can also be used for vacuum pressure (deep enhancement and hardening) and other different process methods. Method operation.
1:. Using hand rubbing, spraying, soaking, brushing process, VADERWALD Mutex-environmentally friendly wood enhancer can effectively treat 12-15 square area, once the wood is painted, it can quickly combine with wood fiber to form water vapor freely After entering and exiting the net-like protective layer, after 24 hours is completely dried, the treated wood can be completely exposed to wind and rain without cracking.
2: When using the vacuum pressure operation process: first control the moisture content of the wood below 15% (that is, close to the dry state), and dilute the VADERWALD-environmental wood enhancer and tap water into a 1:2~5 aqueous solution Carry out vacuum pressure treatment on wood. Ensure the flow of liquid medicine during operation (refer to wood preservative treatment equipment for the technical parameters of pressurized equipment). The vacuum pressure treatment process refers to the CCA ACQ wood preservative treatment process. Please contact our after-sales technical staff for operation guidance).
Five, matters needing attention:
1. This agent is a polymer additive. Please note that it can be used again after it is used up. As long as it does not touch the wood, it will not fail. Please don’t throw it randomly.
2.Wash the eyes with plenty of tap water immediately.
3. In case of accidental drinking, drink plenty of water, do not suppress vomiting, go to the hospital for treatment.
4. Keep away from children during operation.
5. Effective period of use: 36 months.