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VADERWALD Mutex-BS series environmentally friendly wood products anti-fading chemical agent

VADERWALD Mutex-BS series of environmentally friendly wood products anti-fading chemical change agent VADERWALD Mutex-BS series of environmentally friendly wood products anti-fading chemical change agent is based on the development of HR anti-oxidation and anti-fading chemical cleaning agent based on HR There are 13 kinds of modified modifiers in total: BS-01N·BS-02L·BS-03L·BS-04N·BS-05N·BS-06L·BS-07L·BS-08L·BS-09L·BS-10L ·BS-11L·BS-12L·BS-13 charcoal black·Its structure is single-component and pure water-based, BS-01N·BS-04N·BS-05N·Three warm colors·tail number letters The same ones can be mixed according to their color requirements.BS-02L.BS-03L.BS-06L.BS-07L.BS-08L.BS-09L.BS-10L.BS-11L.BS-12L. 9 kinds of cool colors with the same ending letter can be mixed and blended according to their color requirements. BS-13 carbon black is an independent carbon black and can be used alone or diluted with water for color adjustment. This product is based on wood The surface of the floor board can be quickly penetrated into the wood fiber by simply brushing or rolling. The small amount of tannin contained in the wood itself can produce a series of chemical reactions to change the original color of the wood and make the board itself appear different chemistry The natural color makes the surface of the board quickly form a sense of ancient vicissitudes. The processed board has a series of advantages such as natural color appearance, clear and transparent texture, strong layering and not easy to oxidize and fade. It is widely used in European oak, oak, red oak, white oak and other tannic acid-containing trees, such as cold and warm wood floors, wood furniture, wood crafts, and wooden doors.
Two: Product technical parameters:
This product is divided into BS-01N·BS-02L·BS-03L·BS-04N·BS-05N·BS-06L·BS-07L·BS-08L·BS-09L·BS-10L·BS-11L·BS-12L ·BS-13 charcoal black ·13 colors in total. Its structure is one-component, directly brushed or rolled, no need to clean, one-time color · Simple and stable operation, not easy to fade, no need for professional technicians is the advantage of BS series products Where ·
Three: How to use:
1: VADERWALD Mutex-BS series of chemical modifier products can be used alone or directly according to the actual needs of the wood floor. The color is different. According to different proportions (the end letters are the same as each other), they can be combined and mixed to produce a variety of different cool colors. , Warm color series style color tone·Before operation, ensure that the surface of the board is clean and free of dust·no stains·Moisture content is less than 14·Before operation, the wood surface can be sanded and then light-drawn. The surface can be sprayed, painted, etc. For treatment, the recommended dosage per square meter is about 40-60 grams per square meter, which is fully absorbed by the surface of the wood (completely wetted). After applying the agent, it is recommended to dry the board naturally for more than 24 hours (to ensure the VADERWALD-BS series change The agent and the wood are fully contacted and reacted) and then the thin steel wire wheel is lightly polished-light sand-depending on the process, the nylon DuPont wire wheel can also be used for direct operation (according to different process requirements, the color change and white primer can also be carried out before the steel wire Wheel light polishing-light sand process) According to the color requirements, the color protection and color protection treatment can be carried out after the color change, and then the follow-up UV paint. UV oil, wood wax oil, natural oil and other surface finishing treatments-for detailed processes, please call our company’s technical department Process consultation. VADERWALD Mutex-BS series of chemical modifier products are currently light coffee, teak, light gray, soot, dark gray, black gray, blue gray, green gray, dark green, dark coffee, carbonization, carbon black, etc. Cool and warm colors are popular colors for furniture and floors. It is a discoloration-resistant agent that is simple and stable at present and does not require professional skills.
4: Scope of application: VADERWALD Mutex-BS series of chemical modifiers are mainly used for the popular discoloration and discoloration of European oak, oak wood, red oak, white oak and other cool, warm furniture and floors.
Five: Matters needing attention:
1: VADERWALD Mutex-BS series of chemical change agents are iron-containing high-activity additives, and should be stored separately from other chemical products to avoid danger.
2: The structure of VADERWALD Mutex-BS series of chemical modifiers is a single component, and its color is a single independent color. If you need to mix and match during operation (the same ending letters can be directly mixed with each other) Compound) Please perform a small batch test first to confirm the color and then perform batch mixing to avoid adverse reactions.
3: The recommended temperature of this product is above 20 degrees. If the temperature is lower than 20 degrees, the reactivity of the agent will be reduced by 25%.
4: Clean up the dirt on the surface of the board before operation so as not to affect the permeability of the liquid medicine and the permeability of the color.
5: Please be sure to wear gloves during operation to avoid skin allergies caused by the liquid contact with the skin.
6: If you touch the eyes and skin, immediately wash it with plenty of tap water. Keep away from children during operation.