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Undertake all kinds of pickling passivation, chemical cleaning, polishing and blackening, boiler descaling and other projects

Lanzhou Yinhe Chemical Cleaning Technology Co., Ltd. instant chemical method is a professional cleaning technology that removes dirt on the surface of the cleaned object and restores the original surface state. This technology is suitable for cleaning all kinds of large, medium and small devices, equipment and systems. It has the characteristics of thorough dirt removal, fast speed and wide application range. In order to reduce the corrosion rate of the cleaning materials, Lanzhou Yinhe Chemical Cleaning Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a set of ultra-low corrosion chemical cleaning technology after years of practical experience and various advanced cleaning technologies.
Lanzhou Yinhe Chemical Cleaning Technology Co., Ltd. adopts organic chemical cleaning technology, mainly infiltration, decomposition, stripping, and dissolution. It is mainly used in active agents, water stabilizers, corrosion inhibitors, slime strippers, scale strippers, rinsing agents, and penetrants. Under the synergistic effect of medicaments such as, complexing agent, decomposing agent, etc., it can realize the rapid and complete dissolution of various scales, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning. After cleaning, the surface of the material is treated to form a layer of polymer protective film on the surface of the material to effectively protect the material and avoid corrosion. The main application of inorganic cleaning agent, organic cleaning agent and composite cleaning agent for comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of equipment. Various cleaning agents are used to remove dirt and coverings deposited on the equipment to achieve a cleaning effect. After cleaning, a passivation film can be formed on the metal surface as required. Applications: Atmospheric and vacuum systems, stripping towers, flash towers, heating furnaces, nitrogen generators, reactors, compressors cleaning oil pipelines, storage tanks, casing pipes, pipes, water injection lines, oil pumps, diesel engine cooling systems , Heating pipe cleaning reactor: reactor, compressor, heater, evaporator, condenser, injection molding machine, extruder, mixer, crystallizer tower: absorption tower, reaction tower, regeneration tower, synthesis tower, Heat exchangers such as stripping towers, cooling towers, and carbonization towers: shell and tube type, sleeve type, floating head type, tube type, horizontal tube type, spray type, coil type, spiral, plate boiler: steam boiler, heat Water boilers, tea boilers, oil-fired boilers, gas boilers, electric furnaces, waste heat boilers and other water systems: circulating cooling water, oil cooling water, pipelines: oil pipelines, water pipelines, process pipelines, gas pipelines, steam pipelines, material transportation pipelines, etc. Tanks: oil storage tanks, water storage tanks, material storage tanks, gas storage tanks Others: air separation system, oil system, central air conditioning system cleaning