TT-935 thickener

TT-935 Thickener

TT-935 is an acrylic acid alkali swelling anionic synergistic thickener.

Typical physical properties

Appearance Milky white liquid

Solid content> 29

Viscosity (Brookfield 60rpm) <50cps

PH value 2-3 2-3

Density 1.6g/cm3

Expansion value, wet 0.1134

Chemical properties HASE

Solvent Water


1. Designed for flat to high-gloss interior and exterior wall coatings, with excellent fluidity, leveling and splash resistance.

2. It is a low-cost/high-performance substitute product for cellulose thickener in interior wall coatings.

3. Good formula adaptability.

4. It has good antimicrobial properties.

How to use

1. Adjust the PH value of the coating to make it reach 8-9.5.

2. Dilute TT-935 with water, and the ratio of water to water is 1:1.

3. Under low-speed stirring, slowly add the diluted TT-935.

4. While stirring, observe the viscosity change of the paint. After reaching the specified viscosity, stop adding the thickener.

Use: architectural coatings for interior and exterior walls.

Packing: 160kg/plastic drum, 25kg/plastic drum.

Storage and transportation requirements: It should be stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse, protected from direct sunlight, transported and stored at a temperature above 5°C, and the validity period is one year.