Today’s recommendation: high resilience (low pressure change) fluorosilicone rubber

Recommended today

Name: High resilience (low pressure change) fluorosilicone rubber

Model: ALD-D-G1000

Appearance: translucent or off-white tall Resilient fluorosilicone rubber compound

Performance characteristics: good physical properties and processing properties, with good resilience, low pressure change, fast vulcanization speed and good fluidity

Application: suitable for making seals that require oil and solvent resistance Products (O-rings, gaskets, umbrella valve sealing rings, diaphragms, valve linings, sensor materials, etc.)

Detailed technical parameters (click the picture to enlarge it)

Note: 1. The vulcanizing agent is 2,5 dimethyl-2,5 di-tert-butyl peroxide hexane (DBPH) , The dosage is 0.53gDBPH/100g premix.

2, one-stage vulcanization: 170℃*10Min, two-stage vulcanization: 200℃*4H.

How to use:

mixing: first remix several times on the open mill, add vulcanizing agent, and finish eating Then adjust back to 0.5mm-1mm thin pass 8-10 times and then release the film and park it.

Vulcanization: Re-mix the rubber compound with vulcanizing agent to produce pieces or cut into the required shape, and then press and vulcanize on the molding machine.

Storage method: Store in a dry environment at room temperature, Valid for one year.

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