Thermal oil boiler cleaning service

A series of heat-conducting oil furnace cleaners independently developed and produced by Hebei Aijieneng Company are specially used to clean the heavy grease, oil coke, sludge in heat-conducting oil heat exchange equipment and the oxidized grease and deposits formed in various heat-conducting oil furnaces. carbon. At present, thermal oil cleaning products are divided into two categories, one is water-based thermal oil cleaning agent, and the other is oil-based thermal oil carbon deposit cleaning agent. Both types of products do not contain inorganic ions, are antistatic, easy to rinse, no residue or very little residue, can achieve low-foam cleaning, can improve working conditions, prevent environmental pollution; and can effectively protect the material being cleaned while cleaning The surface is not corroded.

The following types of methods are part of the experience accumulated by the company in the oil furnace cleaning process for many years. The simple writing is as follows, for reference only.

1. Acid-base cleaning process: solid strong alkali type heat-conducting oil cleaning agent.

2. Composite cleaning agent cleaning process: emulsified thermal oil cleaning agent

3. Solvent oil cleaning process: solvent-based thermal oil cleaning agent

4. On-line additive cleaning process: Just add additives to the running heat transfer oil to peel off the carbon deposits, and then pass the filter device carried by the heat transfer oil furnace to remove the oil residue in the system. Filtration treatment plays the role of online cleaning.

5. On-line repair and regeneration process: Add additives to the running heat transfer oil system and cooperate with the heat transfer oil repair machine to realize the online repair and regeneration of heat transfer oil through the dual effects of chemistry and physics.

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Heat conduction oil boiler cleaning service