Thermal oil boiler cleaning method

For the cleaning of thermal oil boilers, you should choose a professional cleaning company, and use professional thermal oil furnace cleaning products. Here, we recommend the thermal oil setting machine cleaning products independently developed and produced by Kaidi Chemical, including KD-L312 thermal oil cleaning agent, KD- L212 thermal oil carbon deposit cleaning agent and other products.

Shandong Kaidi Chemical has the ability to clean and construct large-scale main equipment, and relying on its own advantages in the production of chemical products and cleaning agents, after years of development, it has successively summarized and summarized many in the chemical cleaning industry Experience.

The industrial cleaning agents used in Kaidi cleaning construction are all “Kaidi” brand industrial cleaning agents independently produced by Kaidi Chemical, which are environmentally friendly cleaning agents. It has been widely used in mechanical equipment cleaning, oil furnace cleaning and production process cleaning in various fields such as electric power, railways, communications, machinery manufacturing, steel smelting, papermaking, chemical fiber, civil aviation, petrochemical and coking plants.

In 2012, the third-generation new heat-conducting oil furnace cleaning agent series products carefully developed and improved by Shandong Kaidi Chemical were introduced into the market and have been recognized by customers. Compared with the previous two generations of thermal oil cleaning agents, the third generation of thermal oil cleaning agents has a complete range of products, which can meet the cleaning process under different operating conditions. Including water-soluble KD-L312 heat-conducting oil cleaning agent, solvent-based KD-L212 heat-conducting oil carbon deposit cleaning agent, oil-based KD-L802 heat-conducting oil online cleaning agent and oil-based KD-L801 heat-conducting oil heat transfer net, a total of four heat-conducting oil cleaning agents product. The third-generation thermal oil cleaning agent series products are suitable for various heat exchangers, boilers, pipelines and other chemical equipment that use thermal oil as the heat transfer medium. They have good cleaning effects, fast dissolving oil coke, and low cost. They are truly energy-saving. Environmentally friendly products.

The scope of application of Kaidi thermal oil cleaning agent:

1. It is used to clean heat conduction oil furnaces or heat exchange equipment that use heat conduction oil as the working medium widely used in various industries (petroleum, chemical industry, textile, printing and dyeing, chemical fiber, plastics, building materials, heating) .

2. It is used to clean the heavy grease, oil tar and oil sludge in the heat transfer oil system.

If you have product needs and questions (heat conduction oil furnace cleaning, heat conduction oil boiler cleaning, oil boiler cleaning, boiler cleaning, heat conduction oil cleaning agent, boiler online cleaning), please call Shandong Kaidi Chemical Industry Cleaning Business Ministry Technology Center asks for cleaning plan and quotation.