The project with an annual output of 3,000 tons of silicone oil and 2,000 tons of silicone rubber is grandly started in Hunan!

Global Organotin Network News:

On the 20th, 10 major industrial projects in Hengdong County, Hunan Province started intensively, and the total investment of the projects exceeded 2 billion yuan.

The industrial projects started this time cover multiple fields such as equipment manufacturing, new materials, new technologies, and biomedicine. Among them, the weight box ultra-white photovoltaic and ultra-thin electronic glass project with an annual output of 12 million yuan has a total investment of 1.52 billion yuan. It is a key project of Hunan Province’s “Five Hundreds” and will fill the gap in the field of high-end high-quality float glass in Hunan. It is estimated that the annual output value is 4 billion yuan, and the annual tax revenue is more than 100 million yuan; The 5,000-ton paint additives project is committed to realizing the localization of high-end silicon-based materials and will increase the industrial output value by more than 100 million yuan;

Hunan Guangxin Technology Development Co., Ltd. annual output The 21,600 tons of organotin new materials project can solve China’s current situation of relying on imports in the fields of aviation, electronic chemical new materials and high-end cosmetics. After the completion of the project, it is estimated that the annual output value will be 500 million yuan and the tax will be more than 20 million yuan.

In the past year, Hengdong has always grasped the importance of not slackening the development and grasping the project unwaveringly, and carried out the activities of “Industrial Project Landing Year” and “Business Environment Optimization Year”. Focus on the main battlefield of investment in Juli’s projects, continue to deepen the reform of “decentralization, management and service”, vigorously promote “one thing once”, deepen enterprises to carry out “one-to-one” joint services, and strive to create an open policy environment and a sound legal environment , The high-quality service environment and the honest humanistic environment have attracted a number of large and good projects to settle in Hengdong and put into production one after another. From January to September this year, the county implemented 89 key projects and completed an investment of 5.571 billion yuan. Among them, there are 35 key provincial and municipal projects, with an operating rate of 100%.

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