The production line of Xingrui 107 silicone rubber workshop was successfully put into operation

Global Organotin Network July 22 News: Recently, Hubei Xingrui Silicon Materials Co., Ltd. Organotin Branch Plant 107 Silicone Rubber Workshop A total of 11 production lines have all completed the automation transformation and successfully put into production. At present, each production line is operating normally, and the product quality indicators all meet the qualified standards. It is reported that the automation transformation has carried out a large number of optimizations on the process and equipment.

One ​​is to increase the monitoring and measurement signals of flow, pressure, liquid level, etc., a total of 455, replacing a total of 676 pneumatic valves, and introducing a total of 5471 IO control points.

The second is to divide the 107 silicone rubber single-line production process into 5 integrated modules, sort out the 143 steps of operation logic, and convert the logic steps into a program language, which realizes the intelligent judgment, triggering and termination of the device;

The third is to use tools such as visualized operation bars, automatic pop-up windows, and prompt languages ​​to facilitate operation and ensure that the entire production process is controlled. After the transformation is completed, on the one hand, the operation intensity of the employees has been greatly reduced, and the on-site operators have been reduced from 15 persons/shift before the transformation to 10 persons/shift, which reduces personnel costs; on the other hand, it reduces the safety risks of personnel operations and greatly improves The safety level. At the same time, the automatic operation of the device has also improved the stability of the device’s operation, and the product quality has been significantly improved. Source: China Chemical Industry News, Yichang Ecological Environment Bureau, Hubei Xingrui