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The manufacturer directly supplies dark shellac wax

Product name: dark shellac wax
Uses: film polishing agent, film forming agent, thickening agent, viscosity control agent
main indicators:
1. Ester value 30-70
2. Acid value 2-15
3. Saponification value 35-85
4. Iodine value 0.1-3
5. Ash content 1.0%
6. Moisture 1.0%
7. Specific gravity 0.93-0.98 (20°C) 8. Melting point 70-86°C
?? The main components of shellac wax are resin acid esters, hydrocarbon compounds, etc., mainly melilic acid and its mixture with melilic acid esters. It can be divided into hot ethanol soluble part and hot ethanol insoluble but benzene soluble part. The former accounts for 80% and the latter accounts for 20%. Shellac wax is mainly composed of fatty alcohols and fatty acids with even-numbered carbon atoms from C28 to C34, and its content is 77.2% and 21%. The small amount of hydrocarbons in the wax is mainly C27 and C29 alkanes.
Shellac wax is a good substitute for carnauba wax and montan wax. It is widely used in the electrical industry, polishes, floor wax, belt wax, fruit wax, packaging covers, bottle sealers, colored crayons, cosmetics and high-end shoe polish. the use of.
1. Daily chemical industry: film polishing agent; floor wax, belt wax, fruit wax.
2. Cosmetics industry: lipstick and eyebrow pencil; it is one of the commonly used raw materials in cosmetics, and is often used to make eyebrow pencils, lotions, lipsticks, moisturizers and other beauty products. It is often used as skin emollient, film-forming agent, thickening agent and viscosity control agent in cosmetic products.
3. Other industries: shoe polish, carbon paper, electrical industry, etc.