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The latest price of thermal oil cleaning agent

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KD-L312 heat conduction oil cleaning agent is a water-based heat conduction oil cleaning agent, which has strong penetration, dispersion, solubilization and emulsification, and has good cleaning ability on grease and dirt. It is degreasing , Super decontamination and washing ability. The product does not contain inorganic ions, is antistatic, easy to rinse, has no residue or very little residue, can be cleaned with low foam, can improve working conditions, and prevent environmental pollution; and can effectively protect the surface of the material to be cleaned while cleaning erosion.

Product parameters:

External view: liquid

pH value: 9.0~11.0 (5% stock solution)

Relative density: 1.00~1.10

Anti-rust performance〔35±2℃ RH(95±2)% 24h〕: cast iron ≤1 grade

Product features:
Green and environmental protection: This product is a new generation of green and environmental protection products without phosphate and sodium nitrite. No harm to the human body, no pollution to the environment.

Safe and non-flammable: This product is a water-based product, which is safe to store and use.

Period anti-rust: The anti-rust performance of this product to cast iron is ≤1 grade, which fully meets the requirements of inter-process anti-rust.

Scope of application:
1. It is used to clean heat-conducting oil furnaces widely used in various industries (petroleum, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, chemical fiber, plastics, building materials, heating), or heat exchange equipment using heat-conducting oil as the working medium.

2. It is used to clean the heavy grease, oil tar and oil sludge in the heat transfer oil system.

How to use:
1. Drain the old oil.

2, wash with water.
3. Add cleaning agent.

4. Wash with water①.
5. Wash with water②.
6. Wash with water ③.
7. Drain and add new oil: Pour new heat transfer oil into the system.
8. Dehydration: The dehydration method is the same as the dehydration standard before the new system is used.
9. Normal operation: The system is put into normal operation.

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