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T551 Metal Deactivator Metal Passivator Luoyang Shipeng Oily Copper Corrosion Inhibitor

XP551 metal deactivator (passivation agent)
Product Overview XP551(T551) is a benzotriazole derivative, which can inhibit the catalysis of metal ions on the oxidation of oil products, improve the antioxidant capacity of oil products, and prolong the service life of oil products. The metal surface forms an inert film or forms a chelate compound with metal ions to prevent metal oxidation and inhibit the catalytic acceleration of the metal to the oxidation reaction. It has a good synergistic effect when used in conjunction with antioxidants such as T501 in an appropriate amount. This product should avoid compounding with ZDDP during use, otherwise precipitation will occur. It is mainly used in industrial lubricants such as steam turbine oil, oil film bearing oil, air compressor oil, chain oil, industrial gear oil, transformer oil and circulating oil. It is a high-performance additive. To

Application XP551 can be widely used in a variety of lubricants, such as turbine oil, transformer oil, gear oil, general machine tool oil, etc. The dosage of this agent is small, and the synergistic effect is high. The general dosage is 0.03%~0.05%, and at the same time, it can reduce the dosage of main oxidant by 30%~40%.
Product features Very good oxidation resistance and copper corrosion inhibition performance;
The additive dosage is small, generally the dosage in lubricating oil is 0.03%~0.05%;
It has a good synergistic effect when used in conjunction with antioxidants;
It has a wide range of uses, covering up to 90% of industrial lubricants;
Good oil solubility.
Technical indicators
Item Quality Index Test Method
Appearance light yellow transparent liquid
Density (20℃), g/cm3 0.91-1.04 GB/T2540
Kinematic viscosity (50℃) mm2/s 10-14 GB/T265
Base value mgKOH/g 210-230 SH/T0251
Opening flash point℃ ≥130 GB/T3536
Oxidation test value-added (min) ≥90 SH/T0193
Solubility% qualified visual inspection
Color number Measured GB/T6540

Precautions Refer to SH/T0164 for storage, loading and unloading and oil adjustment of this product. This product is non-flammable, non-explosive, non-corrosive, and is the same as general petroleum products in terms of safe and environmentally friendly use, and does not require special protection.
Packaging Galvanized iron drum, 25kg/drum or 200kg/drum