Morpholine / Related Application Product

Surfactant for oilfield drag reduction

I. Product Nature:
This product is a new type of surfactant with a special structure, which can form unique micelles in water. Adding a small amount of water can increase the viscosity of the aqueous solution. It has a good ability to reduce the pressure of oilfield water injection milling, improve water injection efficiency, and reduce production costs. . Non-toxic, non-corrosive, easily biodegradable, green and environmentally friendly.
Two, product features:
1. The main component of this product is surfactant. Compared with polyacrylamide and other polymer compounds, the molecular weight is relatively small, so it is easy to flow back and will not cause damage to the formation;
2. Strong foaming ability, long foam holding power, electrolyte resistance, and can also be used as a foaming agent;
3. Less consumption, high efficiency and low overall cost;
4. Good compatibility with other additives.
Three, technical indicators

Exterior Colorless to light yellow liquid or paste
content,% 70±1
pH (1% aqueous solution) 7±2
Shelf life 1 year

Four. Product Usage
This product is mainly used to reduce resistance and increase injection during oilfield treatment.